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Hey yoo To every 1 ;)

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1Hey yoo To every 1 ;) Empty Hey yoo To every 1 ;) on Fri Sep 03, 2010 12:40 pm

k0 noobs

k0 noobs
GFX Designer
GFX Designer
yo Guys I've been away for a long time ;( sorry but it was because the Server is off and there is nothing WE could do...Even thought I've been here for along time while the server was off 2 But i just missed this Forums so i guess Imma be activate again....If there is any thing to do...But first U have to make a server "Client" so the forum could be usefull..... king


Hey yoo To every 1 ;) WOW1
Hey yoo To every 1 ;) J0glfmng0yHey yoo To every 1 ;) J0glfmng0y
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